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Dr. Keira Malone
Oral Surgeon

Keira is a distinguished alumna of Trinity College Dublin, where her unwavering commitment to the field of Oral Surgery culminated in the attainment of first-class honors during her specialized training in Oral Surgery. With an impressive track record spanning over 15 years, she has consistently demonstrated her dedication to advancing the realm of Oral Surgery, exhibiting her expertise across a spectrum of primary and secondary care settings.In addition to her extensive tenure in Oral Surgery, Keira boasts a wealth of experience, encompassing seven years of invaluable contributions to general dental practice and community healthcare initiatives.

Her remarkable journey has taken her to diverse corners of the globe, including an esteemed stint with The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, where her skills and compassion served remote communities with exceptional care.

Notably, Keira's multifaceted career has extended beyond clinical practice into the realm of education. She has lent her wisdom and expertise to budding dental professionals, shaping the future of the field by instructing, examining, and inspiring Undergraduate dental students across Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Her educational contributions have enabled her to cultivate a broad spectrum of competencies, enriching the knowledge base of countless aspiring practitioners.Keira's formal training is a testament to her commitment to excellence. Her qualifications span a diverse array of specialties, including OMFS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), Oral Surgery, Dental Implantology, and Conscious Sedation techniques.

With a passion for merging academia with practical expertise, Keira embodies the ideal blend of erudition and hands-on proficiency in the ever-evolving landscape of Oral Surgery. In her quest for excellence, she continues to be a stalwart advocate for advancing the frontiers of knowledge in her field while maintaining a casual, approachable demeanor that endears her to colleagues and patients alike.

Dr. Keira Malone

"I am really satisfied with my teeth. We have no regrets! I am so pleased with the DentiCare team."

- Rosy L.

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