Exposure Surgery

What you need to know

What is Exposure Surgery?

A small cut is made in the gum, lifting a portion of it to reveal the crown of the unerupted or impacted tooth. Any bone obstructing the tooth's crown is eliminated. If the impacted tooth is positioned favorably, the gum can be repositioned to expose the crown after surgery. Typically, a periodontal dressing is placed over the exposed crown and secured with stitches.

At Malone Oral Surgery, we provide this procedure either at our specialized clinic or, if general anesthesia is needed, Dr. Malone can perform it at Forte Private Hospital.

What Should I Expect After Exposure Surgery?

You can expect a limited amount of bleeding from the surgical sites after surgery. Although there will be some discomfort after surgery at the surgical sites, most patients find a mild painkiller to be more than adequate to manage any pain they may have. Within two to three days after surgery, there is usually little need for any medication at all. There may be some swelling from holding the lip up to visualize the surgical site; it can be minimized by applying ice packs to the lip for the afternoon after surgery.

A soft, bland diet is recommended at first, but you may resume your normal diet as soon as you feel comfortable chewing.

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