Wisdom Teeth Removal

What you need to know

Feeling uneasy about removing wisdom teeth is common, but necessary if they're causing issues with your adult teeth. Extraction can alleviate oral discomfort, prevent infections, and ensure space for other teeth to grow properly, protecting them from harm. We're here to offer detailed information about wisdom tooth removal, easing worries and empowering your recovery.

If you've been advised to remove your wisdom teeth, it's normal to feel anxious. Many people face issues with their wisdom teeth that require extraction. When wisdom teeth are impacted or stuck under the gum line, it can lead to additional complications, which can be avoided by timely removal. These complications may include infection, decay, damage to neighboring teeth, or cyst formation risking nearby bone tissue health.

During your dental appointment,  Dr. Malone will assess your wisdom teeth and discuss potential extraction options. Sometimes, a gum incision may be needed to fully expose the tooth for extraction. In some cases, surrounding bone may need removal before the tooth can be extracted in parts.

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